Amateur and performance sports nutrition

2:00 pm - 3:15 pm, Hall 1

Ideal nutrition does not exist, but for every type of sports and especially for every athlete, there is an optimal diet. This optimum is different depending on many factors, such as age, gender, experience in sports activity, season, training period (training or competition), etc. Thus, nutrition should:

  • Be specific to practiced sports (there are sports that consume more or less oxygen, which requires a certain weight category, where the energy boost needs to be fast, etc.)
  • Help the athlete achieve the highest peak of performance according to his current level of training and allow him to progress to another level of training.
  • Ensure post-exercise recovery (to recharge the body with as little digestive effort as possible, with all that the physical effort has consumed)
  • To support all the functions of the body.

What is the optimal nutrition of an athlete? High-quality food and selected liquids according to several factors.

Schedule of meals, specific and different depending on days of training or rest, competition or recovery. Sport supplements specific to the type of the sport the athlete practices.

All these informations will be detailed and explained during the seminar at the Nutrition Congress.