Dr. Alin Popescu

Primary Medical Practitioner - Romania

Personal Information

Alin Popescu is a 45 year old sports doctor, graduate of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Dr. Carol Davila “Bucharest (promotion 2000). He has a degree in health management and aphitherapy and is also licensed in chemistry & physics (1997) and psycho-sociology (2003). He is a graduate of the Master courses “Sports Training Management” and “Public Health Management and Health Services Management”.

He collaborated with the Romanian Rugby Federation for 17 years (in the last 12 as coordinating physician – CMO), with MedLife Bucharest for 11 years, with the Galenus Press Trust (formerly KLTC) for 14 years and was for 5 consecutive seasons co presenter of the weekely TV show “Cearta in Bucate” from Prima TV (June 2009).

He is General Secretary of the Romanian Society of Sports Medicine – founding member and General Secretary of the Center for Studies on Beer, Health and Nutrition – and member of the Ronald Mc Donald Foundation Romania Council since June 2016.

He likes challenges, teamwork and he strongly believes that tomorrow can be better than today!