Nicoleta Tupita

Dietician and Sports Nutritionist - Romania

Personal Information

Nicoleta Tupita strongly believes that a healthy diet is also tasty. For our well-being, it is important not to give up the taste in our daily diet, but at the same time we can educate our tastes. Healthy eating is not such a great philosophy, as long as you are healthy. Things get complicated in case of health problems or in special categories (athletes, pregnant, elderly, children).

Personally, she likes to eat well to feel good, she likes sweets, she does not like being restricted … she likes freedom and she likes life! She thinks she has found pretty much the balance between all this and, more importantly, she found the balance in the diet that helps keep her weight, feel good and enjoy the foods she likes. And it’s really easy!


January 2015-January 2017 – Early Nutrition e-Academy, Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich (Pediatric Nutrition, Nutrition of Pregnant and Nursing Mother)

March 2017 – Online course “Nutrition, Growth and Development in the Child 0-2 Years” on

January-December 2014 – Master in Anthropometry and Sports Nutrition, University of Valencia (Spain)

2009-2012 – Licensed in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj Napoca

January-June 2011 – Scholarship at the Faculty of Nutrition Valencia, University of Valencia (Spain)

2005-2009 High school graduation, “Vasile Lucaciu” National College Baia Mare (Mathematical-Informatics Profile)

Other certifications and courses followed during 2013-present

The new Nordic Diet – from Gastronomy to health (Courses online

An Introduction to Global Health (online course on

Child nutrition and cooking 2.0 (online course on

Keep Rugby Clean Certificate (online course provided by World Rugby)

Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy (online course supported by Prof. Dr.

Berthold Koletzko, LMU Medical Center von Hauner Children’s Hospital)