Emotions behind food behavior

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm, Hall 3

In a world where culinary temptations are becoming more and more appealing, it becomes a challenge to maintain a normal weight, and much more difficult to loose weight.

There are many studies in which nutrition specialists are alerting us to what we eat, to our eating habits, to the composition of foods, to the associations of food principles that are beneficial to us. In addition to all these extremely useful data, there is an area that can happily complement your efforts for an optimal health state: the area of emotions.

The presentation brings information from a less explored area, but with tremendous potential in getting the best weight. Thus, we will explore the way emotions are formed, which is the impressive energy that is lost in these areas, and especially we will identify the simple steps that anyone can apply according to the emotion / emotions behind the food behavior.

The theme is up-to-date and very new, which is why I invite you to approach it in an unconventional and practical way.