Dr. Paula Drosescu

Prof. Dr. in Sports Medicine, NLP Master Coach - Romania

Personal Information

Paula Drosescu is a teacher at the University of Physical Education and Sports, “Al. I. Cuza” Iasi, Primary Doctor in Sports Medicine and Master Coach NLP. She is an intuitive and enthusiastic person, very creative and always willing to explore new information that can fill the range of abilities she already has.

She is fascinated by Team and Life Coaching for the two of them combined, blend, and because it’s extremely exciting to help others realize what stops them from being where they want to be. Obviously, then, the decision belongs to them. The process of harmonizing within a team is challenging and equally contains many unknowns that require the coach’s skills to the fullest.

The more a coach knows how to use information from related areas (eg Neuro Linguistics, Transactional Analysis, Psichosomatic, Metamedicine), the more useful he can be to his client. From her experience`s point of view, she believes that a coach needs to be involved in a perpetual process of improvement.

Professional experience

2005 – curently professor, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, “Al. I. Cuza “Iasi

2002 – 2005 lecturer, same job

1996 – 2002 university lecturer, same job

1992 – 1996 assistant professor, same job

2007- 2012 component of the Olympic Lot of Athletes’ Sports Training Teams from the FRA

1998 – 2001 doctor of the Juniors Sword Lot of Iasi

1989 – 1992 doctor in Mirceşti commune, Iaşi County

1986 – 1989 trainee physician in Iasi

1986 – Graduated theFaculty of General Medicine, media 9,92, graduate exam with average 10

Education and Training

2014 – International Conference on Sport Science and Sports Medicine, work-shop on the topic: Coaching in Sports Practice

2014 – Professor invited – moderator and speaker at the National Pain Conference, UMF Iasi, theme: Mental Training – a realistic therapeutic strategy for pain control.

2013 – The 8th International Conference on Physical Education, Sport and Physical Therapy: Building athletes’ performance using Techniques of Coaching

2012 – International Conference on Sports Medicine, Bucharest, theme: Involvement of sports medicine physician in motivating performance athletes

2009 – Professor invited to hold a 2-hour workshop at the International Conference on Sports Medicine, Antalya, Turkey – The use of visualization techniques in sports (in athletes’ early recovery after physical effort or after trauma)

2009 – Invited professor – speaker at the “Swimming through Performance and Health” Symposium organized by the International Swimming Pool – LEN Medical Commission, Izvorani, Romania on Building athletes’ performance through mental training – Building sporting success through advanced thinking

2008 Balkan Conference of Sports Medicine, Bucharest, Key notes – theme: Mental training between Fashoin and Practice

2003 – Socrates scholarship in Biomechanics (Freiburg)

2003 – Primary physician Sports medicine, average 9,66

2000 – PhD in Medicine, UMF Iasi, Department of Anatomy

1994, 1996 – International Sports Medicine Courses accredited by CIO (International Olympic Committee)

1996 – Specialist sports medicine

1998 – Psiho-pedagogy course, media 10

2013 – 2014 Master Coach NLP – ARONLP, EANLP

2012 – 2013 Master Trainer NLP-ARONLP, EANLP

2010 – International License in Wingwave

2007 – Master NLP – ARONLP, IANLP

2004 – Neuro-linguistic Programming Course – NLP Practitioner

2007 – Course: Train of Trainers, accredited by MEC and MM

2009 – Coaching ICF (International Coaching Federation)

2007 – 2009 training and supervision courses in Coaching with Alain Cardon

2008 – Bucharest co-moderator at the workshop – International Coaching Conference ’08,

2002 – 2007 Training courses in Transactional Analysis (450 accredited international hours)

2005 – 2007 Master “Conflict Mediation” – Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, UAIC, Iaşi

2006 – 2010 Psychosomatic courses

2002 – Course Management

2002 – Course Massage and reflexology

2000 – Laser therapy course

Social skills and competences

Member of the editorial staff of the Sports Medicine Magazine, rated B

Member of the editorial staff of Sport and Society Magazine – Physical Education and Sport Magazine, rated B +, BDI

Member of the Romanian Society of Sports Medicine

EFSMA member – European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations

Member of FIMS – International Federation of Sports Medicine

Member of the College of Physicians in Romania

Member of ARONLP and EANLP (European NLP Association) and NLP Quality Implementation Commission

Member of ICF (International Coach Federation)

member of ARC – Romanian Coaching Association

Member of EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) – by 2010

Organizing skills and competences

2011 – Summer School Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine Applied in Physical Education and Physical Therapy – Event Details

2013 – Co-organizer Conference: The 8th International Conference in Physical Education, Sport and Physical Therapy, Iasi

2007 – Co-organizer International Conference “Physical Education and Sport in Romania – Perspectives and Post-Adhesion Strategies”, Iaşi

Conferences of Sports Medicine, Bucharest 2006, 2008

Creative course 2004 – 2005

Massage classes in collaboration with MM 2002 – 2005