Dr. Ruxandra Plesea


Personal Information

Doctor Ruxandra Plesea is passionate about nutrition since high school and says she sees her profession as a “holy duty” to help people reach their full potential through nutrition. Food is not just energy, it’s also emotional intake, because it “can push you into the abyss or it can help you fly.” This change is possible if we climb this mountain step by step, and the role of the nutrition consultant is to help people find the right paths for adapting to a proper lifestyle when it comes to their nutritional behavior.

At first people are reluctant to changing their nutrition style, but once they change their lifestyle they are no longer willing to return to their old habbits. An important source is time. To adopt another style of eating, we must prioritize this and transform it into routine. From her experience as a doctor, it is a process that lasts for around 6 months. She finds it fascinating how people’s lives change when they change their way of eating.

Activities and publications in the field of nutrition

2017 – Present: Nutrigenetic Project: “Personalized Nutrition Depending on the Genetic Profile”, PONDERAS Academic Hospital and GeneticLab

2017- Ninth National Symposium of Bariatric Surgery, “Obesity and genetic intolerance of lactose in adults” and “Changes in eating behavior and intestinal microbiota after surgery bariatric.”

2016 – Present: Seminars, conferences and presentations for pharmaceutical companies

2016 – “Diabetes School” SANAMED, lecturer and organizer

2016 – National Conference “Nutrition – Medicine of the Future”, Management of Follicle Deficiency in MTHFR Mutation, UMF “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj Napoca

2016 – The Second Congress of the Royal Club of Physicians, The Role of Bariatric Surgery in Nonalcoholic Liver Disease

2015 – ESPEN Course in Clinical Nutrition, 22nd Course 1st – 6th Nov 2015 Bucharest, Nutrition and Bariatric Surgery.

2015 – Vienna, 20th World Congress: “International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders “IFSO, The correlation between the decrease of the visceral fat and the improvement of the metabolic syndrome after LSG”

2014, 2015 – International Congress of Bariatric Surgery / Congress of the Medical Association, Nutritional Deficiency Management by “Gastric Sleeve”

2015 – Present, Company BAYER / Elevit and Supradyn, “Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding.”
Elevated Presentations for Gynecologists in Bucharest and in the country. Supradyn Presentations for Pharmacists from Bucharest and the Country.

2014 – 2015: Nutrition Course for Pharmacists – Hepatoprotective, Essential Forte, Nutrition Course for Students and Nutrition Brochure – Mangevie Express, SANOFI

2010 – Present: Courses and nutrition workshops for corporations and companies alongside the company Smart Experience.

2014 – Present: Organizer and lecturer in the Well Being Retreats project

2010 – Present: Parent nutrition workshop with GoKID.ro, Montessori Kindergarten

2014 – Present: Cultural Foundation “Calea Victoriei”, lecturer of the institution, we have held numerous conferences and workshops on nutrition topics for the students of the foundation and for different corporations

2010: “Prevention” – “Be Smart, Live Healthy”, The Influence of Food Fat from the Diet on Cholesterol Levels. Meeting with readers of the “Prevention” magazine as well as with specialists.

2010: “Adult person’s skin – Multiple Problems, Complex Approach”, Conference with Multidisciplinary Medical Participation.

2010: “The body you want? Yes, it’ possible”. About the ideal combination between a personalized diet and modern technology. Numerous press and television articles

2008 – Present: Nutrition, Nutrition, Diet, Obesity Surgery

Conferences and courses

2018: Integrative Phytotherapy Course, “Integrative Phytotherapy – Meeting the Science of Tradition”, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest

2017: DIP 2017 – The 9th International Symposium – Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic
Syndrome and Pregnancy.

2017: Integrative Medicine Symposia, The role of microbiom and environmental pollution in the etiopathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. Therapeutic protocols.

2013-2017: Congresses of the Romanian Society of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases.

2016: Integrative Medicine Symposia, Bio-Hormonal, Nutritional and Dermato-Cosmetic Interventions in Current Anti-Aging Therapies

2013: Obesity Course of the Romanian Society of Endocrinology. Particularities of childhood obesity. ELIAS Emergency University Hospital, Bucharest

2013: Good Practice in Pediatrics and Orthopedics – Traumatology, Training and Training Center – MEDICOVER Victory Clinic

2013: Good Practice in Obstetrics – Gynecology and Gastroenterology – Hepatology, Center for Training and Vocational Training – MEDICOVER Victory Clinic

2011: STANDFORD School of Medicine Conference, “DIABETES SELF MANAGEMENT PPROGRAM”, Bucharest

2011: MTW Romania Conference “Emotional Intelligence Workshop”, Bucharest

2011: Symposium “Choices and Directions in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus”, Bucharest

2011: The 37th Congress of the Romanian Society of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Sibiu

2011: 2nd East Postgraduate Course. “Current Concepts in the Treatment of Diabetes and its Complications”, Belgrade, Serbia

2010: Insulin therapy conference today, Bucharest

2010: XII th Annual Symposium of FPAS. Certainties and Controversies in Current Nutrition, Bucharest
Member of medical societies: Romanian Diabetes Society, Nutrition and Metabolism Diseases