Dr. Madalina Gorgan

Gastroenterologist - Romania

Personal Information

Madalina is a gastroenterologist doctor and she has come to understand and rediscover the benefits of a healthy diet, so she decided to venture into the journey of unraveling secrets of nutrition through specialized courses.

The combination of the two professions (gastroenterologist and nutritionist) is a perfect one, aimed at the benefit of those around her, but also her own. The first case that benefited from all her knowledge was herself because she has also made mistakes and they turned against her body.

Later, the effort to be healthy was immense, but it was a sufficient motivation for her to be better informed about healthy eating and how it can maintain the health balance of the human body. Adventure to a healthy life is everyone’s own and begins when we understand the reason why we need a little from everything. The motto that should guide us is: <I eat to live, I do not live to eat!>