Dr. Gabriel Diaconu

Psychiatrist Specialist - Romania

Personal Information

Gabriel Diaconu is a psychiatrist specialist with overspecialization in suicidology and psychotraumatology at McGill and UQAM Universities, crisis intervention and interethnic conflict management. In recent years, co-director of the section on Consequences of Torture and Persecution of the World Psychiatric Association. He is a medical coordinator of a private psychiatric and psychotherapy clinic in Romania, where he deals with: psychiatric consultations, class B (narcissistic) personality disorders management, acute and chronic posttraumatic stress disorder, psychiatric disorders associated with chronic neurological diseases disability (Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, other demyelinating diseases).

He is co-president of the WPA section on the consequences of torture and psychological abuse, associate researcher of the McGill Group for Suicide Studies (MGSS) and associate member of CRISE (Centre du Recherche dans le Suicide et Euthanasie) of UQAM (Quebec University in Montreal ).

He coordinated several crisis interventions after mass disasters or accidents (Giuleşti Maternity Fire, 2010, Collective Fire, 2015 or the Montenegrin accident, 2013). Moreover, he was volunteer after the earthquake in Amatrice, Italy, 2016, which left hundreds of dead and thousands homeless. In partnership with the University of Vienna, Austria, Dr. Diaconu has collaborated both as an analyst and as a coach in the efforts to document mental health in Kosovo after the war in the former Yugoslav Republic, both in scientific papers and in the field 2010). In 2012, Dr. Diaconu was named as a member of the EU-commissioned UNICEF Working Group to analyze the impact of forced repatriation by Kosovars in Germany and Austria, a subsequent report on refugee crises in Syria after its 2015 debut.