Dr. Antoaneta Cretu

Primary Physician - Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy - Romania

Personal Information

Dr. Cret is a MD in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Doctor in Medicine, she is a professor at the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, a university that she led as a Dean during the period 2008-2012. With a teaching activity of almost 30 years, she is currently teaching the students of the Master’s in Recovery – Reeducation cycle in rheumatologic pathology, General Nutrition and Nutritional Pathology and dieto therapy.

Along the years, she has published several books and textbooks in the areas of professional expertise and has developed numerous scientific papers presented at national / international scientific congresses and events and published in impact journals in the academic world.

The pedagogical experience and the medical practice have developed her professional qualities and they have been valued by many generations of students, whom she has guided on the path of knowledge and helped develop the skills specific to their chosen profession.

Since 2014, from the creation of the Nutritionist Technician course, she has been collaborating with Fitness Scandinavia School, also enjoying the appreciation of the students that have participated in most of these courses.