Obesity in children and applied methods to overcome this disease

10:30 am - 11:15 am, Hall 2

Romania is at the forefront of childhood obesity in Europe, and this statistic will obviously later influence obesity statistics in adulthood, unless nutritional measures are taken to help the child reach a normal weight in a healthy and supported manner. The family must be the first and most correct nutritional model ever since we start to diversify the food of the baby and then the other factors to support a healthy eating behavior pattern. Especially in children and teenagers, in order to loose weight correctly and to maintain their weight in the long term, a nutritional approach is needed along with a behavioral one. Thus, I first learn to eat healthy, but also enjoy what I eat, and then change my eating behavior, changing once and for all my way of thinking and my relationship to food.

Most successful programs require a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss with a healthy, nutritionally appropriate diet, recommended by the nutritionist with behavioral changes in eating habits, with psychotherapy for addictive personalities (addiction to sweets, food addiction, etc.), therapy groups to keep motivation and to implement a lifestyle change, sustained physical movement, undert any shape, and last but not least, socially significant support. During this time, the emphasis should be put on maintaining the weight and establishing an authentic relationship with the nutritionist, factors that seem to be more important to the success of the treatment than the characteristics of any particular diet.

In this seminar there will be a few children and you can hear their story.