Food addictions and compulsive behavior

9:00 am - 10:15 am, Hall 3

Human being as a definition of a bio-psycho-social being is a whole, and when one of these mechanisms is affected, the other ones change, also.

The easiest example to observe is, for example, when the baby is sick, the mother experiences a lack of hunger, sleep, etc. This means that a psycho-emotional imbalance has influenced a biochemical balance.

Both weight gain and weight loss below the normal weight limit may have as a trigger an imbalance other than food, but which is reached anyway.

Starting from the analysis of the pyramids of human needs, we can see through simple tests, or even by observing if some of the needs are checked or not, that in fact, eating behavior is most of the times an effect. Still it can also be a cause, for example, deficiency of certain minerals-vitamins can disturb the psychological status and may enhance certain states of mind.