Dr. Ruxandra Dobrescu


Personal Information

Dr Ruxandra Dobrescu is a primary endocrinologist and scientific researcher at the Parhon National Endocrinology Institute in Bucharest. Graduate of the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, with training courses at Oxford University in Great Britain and several training courses organized by international professional associations, Dr. Dobrescu is a clinician, researcher and author of numerous scientific papers at national and international conferences.

“As professionals in the medical field, I think it is our duty to offer our pactients the best treatment available now. This means personalized management for each patient and a multidisciplinary approach in which the endocrinologist, diabetologist and nutritionist work together for the benefit of the patient. In addition, the patient himself must be an active partner in treating his own illness. For this system to work, we need an open team communication and access to accurate, science-based and trustworthy medical information.