Dr. Ionut Ignat

Nutritionist and Dietician - Romania

Personal Information

Ionut Ignat is born and raised in Iasi and he is a Nutritionist and Dietitian. He worked for about 7 years in the medical field and he is a strong passionate supporter of a balanced and informed diet. His biggest dream is to open a clinic to fight obesity and associated pathologies with a multi-disciplinary team, with a rich vision and experience in the field. His empirical dream, that he is already following and is the tip of the spear in an informative campaign with implications in many fields directly related to nutrition and diets.

What he wishes is that our ROMANIANS to see, understand and have access to REAL MEDICAL DATA and to use them in everyday life. The cabinet is the place where he deals with the more difficult cases, with a team of medical consultants specialized in different medical areas, where expertise is needed, and for the rest, he has a series of pro-bono activities in which he is truly involved with: Oncology Hospital from Iasi, Child Assistance and Protection Directorate Iasi – with all placement centers, where he attends, from cafeteria menus to specialized consultations for special cases, DAC – Community Assistance Directorate.