Cristian Margarit

Fitness Expert - Romania

Personal Information

Cristian is a self-educated nutritionist and fitness expert with an activity full of results in the online environment, in magazines, TV shows, but also as a fitness gym owner, sports event organizer, producer of video exercises. This is only a part o fhis activities and areas of interest.

Cristi is certified in personal training also in order to complete his nutrition education and he brings a holistic approach to nutrition, physical activity and well-being, setting new standards in this area throughout his career. He thinks we define ourselves by what we do for the people around us.

His activity

2001 – present – founder and developer, the first public fitness site dedicated to the general public

2003 – present – founder and manager Get Fit Shop (store of nutritional supplements and accessories)

2005 – 2007 – Founder and manager of Get Fit Gym

2005 – Producer of DVD with training program “GetFIT with Razvan Protasievici”

2006 – present – nutrition and fitness consultancy (including for companies)

2008 – present – workshops and speaker at healthy life conferences

2008- present – unique importer in Romania for Nutritional Supplements Now Foods (USA)

2009 – present – organizer of health and fitness camps (Fit Camp)

2010 – present – organizer of mass sports events (Miscarea Face bine powered by Dolce Sport)

2011 – 2016 – Performer of the show “Get FIT” at Tananana Radio (initially Activ FM)

2011- present – kindergarten, school, restaurant (Calif, Shoteria, Flavours / Stradale) consultancy.

2012 – 2015 – Partner in the Marathon for Health, Marathon Fat Burning and the Fat Burning by Kinga program,

2013 – present – Collaboration with Danone Romania for the correct information of the public on the benefits of yoghurt, including nutrition education for the small footballers at the Hagi Danone Cup.

2013 – The beginning of the collaboration on performance sports with Benjamin Adegbuyi, 2nd place in heavyweight kickboxing (Glory promotion).

2014 – The launch of ArtroHelp, the most sophisticated joint health product (coauthor of the formula), manufactured by Zenyth.

2014 – He launched the book “Ketogenic Diet – Nutritional Solution in Epilepsy and Neurological Diseases”, co-author, published by the Association for Dravet and Other Rare Epilepsies

2015- Collaboration with Eisberg Romania to promote salads as part of a healthy diet, through salad recipes presented on

2015 – Collaboration with World Class Romania for the nutrition application for customers in the “Let’s Go You” program (recipes, personalized nutritional plans).

2016 – Collaboration with Philips Romania to promote healthy cooking appliances, including juice extractors

2017 – Collaboration with Crock-Pot to show the benefits of cooking at the slow-cooker

2017 – He began the collaborations with Flavours and Chef Foa (7Minutes range from Kaufland), the Cotnari Wine House.

In June 2017 he provided nutritional advice to Viitorul Constanta football team and Football Academy Gheorghe Hagi.

In January 2018 he began a collaboration with the canned vegetable producer d’Aucy to promote healthy recipes based on vegetables

March 2018 – Heinner’s household appliances are used for his recipe.

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He has created a community of passionate people for fitness and healthy life style since 2001. This community has the form of the forum GetFIT and has over 10,000 members. Connect with people with the same passion and share at the same time his experience and knowledge. Some of his articles are published on and another part is on his personal blog. From November 2011 he has a weekly radio show on Radio Activ FM: “GetFIT with Cristian Margarit – Healthy discussions about sports and nutrition”, which he and Alexandru Manucu (Dj Smiley) perform. Now the show is on an indefinite break after releasing Tananana Radio, on Saturday, at 12.00. Starting with 2010, he is involved in the organization of mass sports events, the most important of which is the Movement Face Well by Dolce Sport, with five editions already active. In 2012, a seminar and workshop tournament started in the cities of the country, “Marathon to Health”, in collaboration with Kangoo Jumps Romania. It continues in 2013 with “Marathon Fat Burning”, also with nutrition seminars and sports classes in different cities of the country: Bucharest, Timisoara, Arad, Iasi, Piatra Neamt, Roman, Bistrita, Radauti, Ploiesti, Targu Mures, Alba Iulia, Miercurea Ciuc, Brasov, Sibiu, Constanta, Galati. He supports nutrition seminars and workshops for companies (Telekom, Nobel Globe, Bigotti, Dell, OTP Bank, King Games, HP), and speaks at various conferences where he is invited.

He collaborates with Zenyth Pharmaceuticals to develop new, high-quality products in line with the educated demand that they have created. He collaborates with food industry firms to evaluate, develop and promote healthy foods. In 2014, Zenyth launched the most complex joint product, called ArtroHelp. It’s a product he wanted to launch for a long time and has a serious documentary back. At the end of 2014, he launched with ADER the book “Ketogenic Diet – The Solution for Epilepsy and Neurological Disorders”. All the money from the sale of the book goes to Dravet Romania to support the center of epilepsy-specific therapies for families who do not have the necessary material. He created modern instructors and concepts in fitness during the time he founded and developed Get Fit Gym (2005, currently Lady Fit), but also after. He has experimented with a wide range of nutrients and dietary supplements, diets, training programs. He personally worked with hundreds of people of the most different types.

He has been working with the ketogenic diet since 2004. He is a supporter of healthy life and everything that it involves: nutrition, diet, sports, relaxation, and for that he takes time for documentation.